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All about Licencing

A Licence gives you a specific right to use a typeface. A Licence defines how and on which medium a font can be used. These rules are defined in the End User Licence Agreement.

We try to keep this as simple and fair as possible. That’s why all our licences are valid for an unlimited time (no recurring fees) worldwide.

A licence is always held by a single person, an organisation or a company. This entity becomes a Licence Holder. The Licence Holder remains the same and cannot be changed. The Licence Holder does not own the font itself.

Luzi Type has three licence models in its shop Desktop-, Web-, and App‑Licence.


A Desktop‑Licence is the all-rounder licence and should cover 99% of all production-, office- and social-media-usage. Thanks to Desktop‑Licence you can use a typeface on your computer within programs like; Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator.

Here a list of what you can do with a Desktop-Font:
- design visual appearance for yourself and others
- logos and corporate identities
- convert Desktop‑Fonts to outlines (e.g. in Illustrator)
- create unlimited images with the Desktop‑Fonts
- use these images unlimited (incl. Social Media)
- make unlimited books, magazines and newspaper
- design unlimited 3D objects with the Desktop‑Fonts
- use the Desktop‑Fonts unlimited for outdoor advertising
- export unlimited PDF’s and pass them to others
- produce videos with the font up to 100 000 daily views

A desktop font can only be used by you. Of course, you can produce designs with the desktop font for others. For example, design business cards for a client. However, you can not share the font-file with a customer or others. You can help your customer to purchase a licence. → Here is how.

If you need to produce a print product, you can pass Desktop‑Fonts to a printer or service bureau. After the production, the printer has to delete all copies of the Desktop‑Fonts.


The Web‑Licence let you use the typeface on your website. You can use one Web‑Licence for one web-domain (e.g. This domain can have an unlimited amount of sub-domains (e.g. Please note you can purchase multiple Web‑Licence at once at the checkout in our shop.

The cost of a Web‑Licence is calculated with the amount of monthly page views. A single page view is one request for displaying a page of your website. So the amount of monthly page views is every request made at your website within one month.

In case after purchasing your website is visited more than the amount of page views you have; you should upgrade your Web‑Licence. We only charge the additional cost to get you up to the next page view level.

If your website produces documents (e.g. PDF), you have to buy an additional Desktop Licence.

You can use web-fonts also in your email newsletter or in html5 banners. When you link the web-fonts from your server (the same server as your website); that counts as one domain with the purchase monthly page views. In case you have to upload the web-fonts to an additional server to display the web-fonts in newsletter or banners that count as additional Web‑Licence. 

A developer can help construct your website. This developer can upload the web-font to non-public server like a private GitHub repro and build the website in this environment.


With an App‑Licence you can embed app-fonts in application such as Android- or IOS-app. One Licence covers a single App functionally equivalent across multiple operating systems (e.g. for IOS, Android, MS Microsoft).

The App‑Licence has no download or time limits. Or in other words, you want to build an app, just purchase an App‑Licence, voilà.

An app-developer can help construct your app. This developer can upload the app-font to non-public server like a private GitHub repro and build the app in this environment.


On request, we offer so-called Corporate‑Licence (buyouts). With a buyout, specific aspects of a standard-licence are made unlimited; for example, a Desktop‑Licence with unlimited amount of computers.

The cost of the Unlimited Licence is calculated regarding the planned use. In addition, we add a fee for possible future growth (which makes the defined aspects of the licences unlimited). There is no fixed universal cost of a Corporate‑Licence, it is calculated with real usage numbers.

These are the options:
- Desktop‑Licence; unlimited amount of computer
- Web‑Licence; unlimited amount of monthly page views
- Web‑Licence; unlimited amount of domains
- App‑Licence; unlimited amount of apps
- Broadcast‑Licence (Streaming); unlimited amount of views

Please note a buyout does not make you the owner of the font. Like with all our licences; by purchasing a licence, the buyer becomes a holder of a licence.

Making smaller licence quantities unlimited is getting less economical; for example, making a Desktop‑Licence (16 computers) unlimited. Since upgrading your Standard‑Licence is possible every time, for the additional cost. Corporate‑Licence are therefore aimed at larger companies with a broad use of the fonts. Feel free to contact me; I am glad to send you an offer for Corporate Licence.


A Broadcast‑Licence is an extension of a Desktop Licence. Or in other words; to use a Broadcast‑Licence, you need to have also a Desktop‑Licence.

We distinguish between three areas; TV (programs and adds), feature film and streaming. The costs are calculated regarded the reach of your production. With a Broadcast‑Licence you can produce unlimited within the area (e.g. unlimited TV program). As with all your licenses, Broadcast-Licenses are valid indefinitely. Please get in contact for an offer.


That’s it, I hope this makes things more clear. In case you have any questions, please have a look at our support page. Below you can see a flowchart showing the above mentioned information in a graphic way.

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