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The new EULA

After the redesign of my website I felt the need to rethink also licencing at Luzi Type. The licencing process was creating too much questions and office work. My aim is to make licencing as simple as pizza; dough, tomatoes and cheese.

The typical way of font licencing is providing different categories for various usage areas. That is reasonable; the more a typeface is used — the more value it generates — the higher its usage cost should be.

There are foundries which are very fine grain with their categorisations. There are logotype licences, broadcast licences or packaging licences; and my graphic design friends tell me they are sometimes confused.

My old licensing categories were somehow in between, not too narrow, but also not very brought. This will change with this new version of my licences.

I want to cook down my licences to the essence; each category should have a single metric on calculating the cost and no restriction within a licence category. Like this, licences are more easy to understand. Thanks to the metric, the licensing costs is calculated on how extensive a typeface is used.

Now we have only three licence categories: Desktop, Web- and App and nothing more, no buts and ifs.

With a Desktop Licence you purchase the amount of computers needed and you can produce on your computers everything for yourself or your clients. From logotypes to outdoor adds, from tv advertisement to t-shirts.

Thanks to your Web Licence you can use the web-fonts in all of your web projects. You can use your Web Licence in all your websites, all your domains, all your email newsletters and all your html5 banners. The cost is calculated with the amount of the overall monthly page views.

Last but not least, the App Licence, if you want to produce an app, you can purchase an app licence. You can distribute this app on every platform everywhere, no download limits no user count. In case you like to publish a functional different app, just buy an additional app licence.

Luzi Type Foundry

You can test for free all our fonts and web-fonts before licencing. We have not raised the cost of any licences.

I added an unlimited option to the shop. So customers can purchase unlimited computers, unlimited page views or unlimited apps. Like this, customers never have to upgrade their licence when their usage increases. This is an interesting option for corporate needs.

Any previously made licence agreement remains valid. There are no additional measures required from anyone who purchased a licence from us before this change. I hope these adjustments will make licencing more simple for everybody.

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