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Luzi Type is a Swiss type design studio with an innovative catalogue of sophisticated typefaces. Its approach combines the historic context of type with modernist affinity to clearness and reduction.

Luzi Type

The Designer

Luzi Gantenbein is a type and graphic designer. He grew up in the Swiss alps and graduated in Visual Communication at the Bern University of Arts.

He worked in different design companies in London, Zurich and Santiago de Chile. His studio Luzi Type opened in 2013 which designs fonts and consults typographic enquiries for an international clientele.

Feel free to send an email, if you have any questions or just want to say hello!

Frequently Asked

General Licence:

What is a Licence?
What is a Licence‑Holder?
Which Licences do I require?
What is an End User Licence Agreement?
What permits a Desktop‑Licence?
What permits a Web‑Licence?
What permits an App‑Licence?
Does my client need also a licence, or can we share one?
Can I purchase a licence on behalf of my client?

Detailed Licence:

Can I provide the Desktop‑Fonts to a print supplier?
Can I provide Web‑Fonts to a developer?
What does 20k or 3m mean, in the Web‑Licences?
Can I use a Web‑Licence for more than one domain?
I use a font‑server. How many Desktop‑Licences do I purchase?
I have different bussines-locations. How many Desktop‑Licences do I need?


How many language do the fonts support?
In witch format are the fonts?
Can you provide other font‑formats?
Do your fonts have OpenType features?
Do your fonts support Microsoft Office?

Custom Services:

Can I modify a font?
Can you modify a font for us?
Do you design custom fonts?
Do you do design consulting?
Can you extend the character set?


Do you have trial versions?
How can I use trial versions?
Can you provide full versions for testing?


Where can I buy your fonts?
What if I need more licences than displayed in the shop?
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Do you provide discounts?
Do your licences have recurring fees?


What are my payment options?
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In which currency are your prices?
My payment gets declined, can you help?

After Purchasing:

When do I receive my order?
Can you send me an invoice?
Can you give support? I have a problem with a font.
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I bought a Web‑Licence, now I need more monthly page views?
Do you update your fonts?
Do you refund?
I have a problem with a font, can you give support?
Does your fonts get warranty?

Student Questions

I am a student, can you answer questions?
Can I use trial fonts for student projects?
Do you have student licecens?

Other Questions

Can you speak another language?
Which font does your website use?
Do you have a newsletter?

Luzi Type

Address and contact

Luzi Type; Luzi Gantenbein, Ausserdorf 38,
7306 Fläsch Switzerland
Instagram luzi.type

Privacy Policy

Luzi Type does not collect personal information on this site unless you choose to give it to Luzi Type. The only place where information can be given to us are during purchase or by subscribing our newsletter. We guarantee to not disclose information to a third party.


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