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Luzi Type is a Swiss type design studio with an innovative catalogue of sophisticated fonts. Our approach combines the historical context of type with modernist affinity to clearness and reduction.

Luzi Type

About the Studio

The studio is founded in 2013 by designer Luzi Gantenbein and is based in Bern, Switzerland.

Luzi grew up in the Swiss Alps and graduated in Visual Communication at the Bern University of Arts. He worked as a designer in different companies in London, Santiago de Chile and Zurich.

Over the years, the studio developed a unique catalogue of fine typefaces. Luzi Type is specialised in consulting typographic enquiries for an international clientele.


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  • Licence Basics:

  • What is a Licence?

    A Licence gives you a specific right to use a typeface. It defines how and on which medium a font can be used.
  • Who needs a Licence?

    Fonts are software, everybody who uses them needs to buy a Licence for it.
  • What is a Licence-Holder?

    A Licence Holder is the licensee. It can be a company, an organisation or a person. Thanks to the purchased licence, this entity becomes a Licence Holder and can use the font. The Licence Holder always stays the same and cannot be changed.
  • Which Licences do I require?

    This depends on how you like to use the font.
    There are three types of Licence in the shop.

    install a typeface on a predetermined amount of computers and produce print products, logos, images or videos.

    use a font at your website up to the monthly page views.

    embed a typeface into one application you build, such as IOS or Android apps
  • What is a Licence Agreement (EULA)?

    When you buy a Font, you are purchasing a particular right to use a typeface. The End User Licence Agreement (EULA) defines how. The EULA is a legally binding contract between you and Luzi Type.
  • Where can I download the Licence Agreement (EULA)?

  • Are Licence fees a one time payment?

    Licences are perpetual and no subscriptions. This means you need to pay the licence fee once without ever needing to renew.
  • Can I share my Licence with my client?

    No, you cannot share your Licence with clients or others. If you purchase a license to produce the design for a client (e.g. business cards or books) that is a license for your company. Your client requires an own license in case your likes to produce output themselves on there own computers.
  • Can I purchase a Licence on behalf of my Client?

    Yes, this is possible if you follow these instructions before buying:

    - transfer the → licence agreement to your client
    - your client needs to accept the → licence agreement
    - select at the checkout page the option, This Licence is for: "my Client"
    - put the name of your client in the Licence-Holder-field

    These steps are important because your client will be a Licence Holder. To be a Licence Holder, your client has to agree to this contract.

    Please note this Licences can only use your client. You cannot install or use the font on your computers or in your office. Luzi Type does not provide any cross-organisation Licence.
  • Can I resale your fonts?

    No, resales are not permited to anybody including your clients. Meaning you can charge your client for your design work, but not for the font itself.

  • Desktop Licence:

    What can I do with a Desktop-Licence?

    You Can: You Can Not:
    install fonts on computers
    (regarding the amount of your
    share, lend or sell fonts with your
    clients or others
    use fonts on computers of your
    use fonts on computers which are
    not from your organisation
    use fonts for logos and corporate
    modify font-files (OTF) in a
    font-editor such as FontLab
    convert fonts to outlines (e.g. in
    Illustrator) and change its shape
    convert typefaces in other any
    other font-formats
    produce paper publications such
    as books, magazines and posters
    use fonts online on websites
    e.g. with the @font-face method
    use fonts on 3D objects such as
    shirts or pencils
    embed fonts in applications such
    as IOS applications
    create images of the fonts and use
    them online
    use the font for in large-scale
    export PDF’s and pass
    them to others
    change the License Holder
    (pass your Licence to others)
    pass the fonts to a printer, they
    have to delete the font afterwards
    use fonts on more computers than
    your invoices indicates
  • Where can I download the Desktop Licence Agreement?

    You can download the Desktop Licence Agreement (EULA-Desktop) → here.
  • Can I give Desktop-Fonts to a Print Supplier?

    Yes, you can pass fonts to a printer or service bureau. Afterwards, the printer or service bureau must delete the copies of the typefaces.
  • I use a Font-Server, how many Desktop-Licences do I purchase?

    Please count the number of computers that will have direct or indirect access to the fonts.
  • I have different Business-Locations. How many Licences do I need?

    A Licence is tied to an on single organisation or person (the Licence-Holder). It does not matter where the computers are located. As long the fonts are used on computers owned by the organisation. Please count the numbers of computers which have access to the font, that’s it.
  • Can I use Desktop-Fonts in Videos or Films?

    It depends on the case. You can use Desktop-Fonts in videos or films in small-scale distribution up to 100 thousand daily views. This should cover most social media uses.

    Broadcast Desktop-Fonts in large-scale via theatrical release film, television, or online with more than 100 thousand daily views, requires a broadcast-licence regarding the audience size. Feel free to contact us.
  • Can I use Desktop-Fonts for Logos?

    Yes, with a Desktop Licence you can design Logos. The Logotype can be used and distributed as Outline-Paths (vectors) or as Pixel Images. There is no additional Licence required.
  • Can I use Desktop-Fonts for Packaging?

    Yes, with a Desktop Licence you can design Product Packaging or any other three-dimensional Objects.

  • Web Licence:

    What can I do with a Web-Licence?

    You Can: You Can Not:
    embed fonts in a website for one
    domain (incl. sub-domains)
    install and use fonts on
    personal computers
    use fonts up to the purchased
    web-traffic of your site
    convert or modify typefaces in other
    switch domains, as long the domain
    is from your organisation
    use fonts on more than
    one domain
    host fonts on your server and embed
    font with the
    @font-face method
    share, lend or sell fonts with your
    clients or others
    embed the font files into a mobile
  • Where can I download the Web Licence Agreement?

    You can download the Web Licence Agreement (EULA-Web) → here.
  • Can I use a Web-Licence for more than one Domain?

    No, you can use one Web-Licence only for one domain (incl. Sub-Domains). You can switch domains as long they belong to your Organisation. Transfer of this Licence to a third party is not permitted.
  • My website has multiple Sub-Domains, how does this work?

    One web licence can be used for various Subdomains united under one single domain. For example; is a domain, is a Subdomain.
  • What is a Page View?

    A single Page View is one request for displaying a page of your Website. So the amount of monthly Page Views is every request made at your Website within one month.
  • Can I give Web-Fonts to a self-employed Developer?

    It depends on how. Yes, if the developer works in your business location on a computer that belongs to your organisation. This is also possible if the developer works from afar on your server. No, if the developer works on another location and with his own computer.
  • What does 20k or 3m mean, in the Web-Licences?

    Web-Licences are purchase regarding how much monthly page views your website has. 20k monthly page views are 20 thousand monthly requests for seeing a website. The ‘k’ stands for (kilo) Thousand, the ‘m’ stands for Million.
  • What if my number of page views are higher than stated on my invoice?

    Please contact us for upgrading your Web-Licence. We only charge the additional cost to get you up to the next page view level.
  • How I embed a Web-Font in my Website?

    When purchasing a Web-Font, you will receive an instruction HTML-file called Fontname_ReadMe.html. Please open the file in an HTML-Editor (such as Sublime or Dreamweaver) and see the head section. There you can find our recommended syntax for @font-face linking.

  • App Licence:

    What can I do with an App-Licence?

    You Can: You Can Not:
    embed fonts in one application such
    as Android or IOS app
    convert or modify typefaces in other
    publish your application for
    different devices or operating systems
    install the fonts on personal
    computers and generating output
    e.g. in InDesign
    use fonts online on websites e.g.
    with the @font-face method
    change the License Holder
    (pass your Licence to others)
    share, lend or sell fonts with your
    clients or others
  • Where can I download the App Licence Agreement?

    You can download the App Licence Agreement (EULA-App) → here.
  • Can I give App-Fonts to self-employed Developers?

    It depends on how. Yes, if the developer works in your business location on a computer that belongs to your organisation. No, if the developer works on another location and with his own computer.
  • How many Applications can I build with an App-Licence?

    One App-Licence covers one single Application. Meaning an Application that is functionally equal across multiple mobile operating systems.

  • Testing:

    Do you have Trial Versions?

    Yes, you can download them at the trials page.

    Trial versions have a limited character set, included is:
    , . - 1234567890

    Furthermore, contains this version the full spacing and kerning.
  • Why do Trial Versions not contain all Characters?

    Trail versions are made to decide if a font is the right choice for a project. They are free and available with no registration.

    Due to this, we have to limit the amount of characters. We can not provide a complete version for testing. To be fair towards everyone, we do not make any exceptions to this rule.

    We try to display our fonts as clear as possible, this includes:
    - Trial Fonts, with limited Caracter-Set
    - Online Font Tester, with complete Caracter-Set and all OpenType Features
    - Specimens, with an overview of the Caracter-Set
    - detailed Font Samples
    - real Uses from customers
  • How can I use Trial Versions?

    Trial versions are made for testing inside your office or university. You cannot use Trial-Fonts in any final files for any commercial or public project. This includes also displaying work publicly for example on portfolio websites. If you want to use the font in any other way, except testing in your organisation, you have to buy a full version.

    Please find more information in our EULA Trial-Font.
  • Can you give Full Versions for testing?

    No, we cannot provide a full version for testing. To be fair towards everyone, we do not make any exceptions to this rule.

    We try to display our fonts as clear as possible, this includes:
    - Trial Fonts, with limited Caracter-Set
    - Online Font Tester, with complete Caracter-Set and all OpenType Features
    - Specimens, with an overview of the Caracter-Set
    - detailed Font Samples
    - real Uses from customers

  • Technical Matters:

    In which Format are the Fonts?

    - Desktop-Fonts: OTF (postscript flavoured)
    - Desktop-Variable-Fonts: TTF
    - Web-Fonts: WOFF, WOFF2 and EOT
    - Web-Variable-Fonts: WOFF and WOFF2
    - App-Fonts: OTF (postscript flavoured)
  • Can you provide other Font-Formats?

    It depends, feel free to send us a request via mail.
  • How to install fonts on my computer?

    Mac OSX:
    To install a font on OSX, you can use the app Font Book. This Application is installed on Apple computers by default. Launch Font Book from your Applications folder. Double click your downloaded zip file (for unzipping the folder). Drag your downloaded font-files (.OTF) on the icon of Font Book. A new window will appear, click the button install, volá.

    To activate a font on Windows, go to the following folder on your computer: Local Disk (C:) / Windows / Fonts. Right-click the downloaded .zip file and select (Extract All), so you unzip the folder. Now drag the font files (.OTF) into the Fonts folder, that’s it.

    Please restart your computer, if fonts not show up in menus of applications.
  • Do your Fonts have OpenType Features?

    Yes, have a look at the last page in our specimens. You can find them in the subpages of each font.
  • How do I use Alternate Glyphs?

    Some of our fonts have different versions of letters (e.g the g-like-lowercase-y or an uppercase-Z with stroke). You can use these Alternate Glyphs via the OpenType Feature Stylistic Set.

    In Adobe InDesign you can find the Stylistic Sets Options as following:
    Menu: Caracter (Panel) / Options Menu / OpenType / Stylistic Sets / Set 1
    In Adobe Illustrator you can find the Stylistic Sets Options as following:
    Menu Type / OpenType (Panel) / the a-a-button

    Various other programs support Stylistic Sets. Best you have a look in the user manual of your program and look out for Stylistic Set or OpenType Features.
  • Do your Fonts support Microsoft Office?

    Yes, our fonts support Microsoft Office, including the use of italic- and bold-button (style linking).

    Please note that Word or Powerpoint on Windows will not display italic in the drop-down font menu. This is normal behaviour since styles are linked. You can access italics via italic-button. In Microsoft Office Kerning is turned off by default, we recommend to switch Kerning on manually.
  • Can I embed fonts in MS Office documents and share them?

    You cannot embed fonts in MS Office documents (e.g. PowerPoint) and share them with others. This is because fonts are licenced to a single organisation (Licece Holder). Sharing fonts with other parties are not possible.

  • Language:

    How many Languages do the Fonts support?

    All our typefaces* have the standard Latin +100, among the following languages are supported:

    Afaan Oromo
    Bashkir lat.
    Belarusian lat.
    Cape Verdean Creole
    Haitian Creole
    Javanese lat.
    Kurdish lat.
    Ossetian lat.
    Scottish Gaelic
    Serbian lat.
    Sundanese lat.
    Tok Pisin
    Turkmen lat.
    Uzbek lat.

    Please have a look at the last page in our specimens for further details.
    *(Except the symbol archive Assembly and Livorno)
  • What is Latin +100?

    Our fonts can be used for more than 100 languages; we call this standard (Latin +100). Please see the previous tab for a complete list.
  • Can you extend the Character Set?

    Let’s talk about it, please send us a mail.

  • Before Buying:

    Do you give Discounts?

    Luzi Type gives only discounts to student projects and public universities (Classroom-Licences). To be fair towards everyone, we cannot make any exceptions to this rule.

    Please note that we have already by default a volume discount in our shop. Prices are adjusted to include a discount when the quantity increases.

    For example, if you buy Lynstone Bold as an individual weight, you’ll pay 76 CHF. When you purchase Lynstone Family (considers of 10 weights) you pay 277 CHF. You get a volume discount of 63 percent.

    We also have discounts when purchasing larger quantities.
    Let’s make an example for a Web-Licence:
    Lynstone Bold 20-thousand monthly views costs 76 CHF.
    Lynstone Bold 2-million monthly views costs 608 CHF.
    2-million is 100 times 20-thousand (100 × 76 CHF = 7600 CHF).
    You get a volume discount of 92 percent.

    For a project, with a small budget, you might consider buying single font weights.
  • Which weights I get when I buy the Family?

    Fonts consider of different font weights (for example Light, Regular and Bold). When you buy the Font Family, you purchase all font weights of that family. Every font has a particular subpage, on this page you can find all info of the font. Or in the shop are all available Font weights listed.
  • Where can I buy your Fonts?

    Luzi Type fonts are available exclusively at
  • What if I need more Licences than displayed in the Shop?

    Please send us a mail; we are glad to provide offers on request.
  • What if I need fewer Licences than displayed in the Shop?

    The minimum quantity for a Desktop-Licence is 3 computers. That means you can use the Licence up to three computers. Less than 3 is captured within this price bracket. The price brackets for the number of computers are fixed and cannot be changed.
  • Do you have further Licencing Options?

    Luzi Type offers on request Licence for Broadcasting, Classroom-Licences and Corporate-Licences (full Buy-Out). Please send us a mail.
  • Do your Licences have recurring Fees?

    No, there are no recurring fees or subscription. All Licences are valid without temporal limitation.

  • Paying:

  • Is purchasing in your Shop secure?

    Yes, we use the most up-to-date technology for our webshop. The complete website is SSL TLS 1.2 encrypted and all payments are processed only and directly on the secure servers of Stripe. We not store any credit card information at any moment.
  • Which Credit Cards does your Shop accept?

    Accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express; worldwide.
  • My Payment gets declined, can you help?

    Payments in our shop are processed by Stripe, who in turn works together with your credit card company. We do not know the reason why a specific card is refused. Best you call your credit card company and ask them to green light your purchase in our shop. Purchases in our shop will be appear as „Luzi Type Fonts” at your credit card statements.
  • Can I pay with Bank Transfer?

    Yes, we offer to pay via bank transfer using IBAN. Please note, fonts can be delivered only after we receive the full payment at our bank account. This takes until four business days after sending the payment.

    Please use this Link. You will be redirected to our shop and the word Bank Transfer appears in your Cart. After you finish the Checkout you will receive an Email with instructions how to make the Bank Transfer.
  • In which Currency are your Prices?

    All prices on our site are in Swiss Francs.
  • Do the prices in the Shop include Taxes?

    No, prices are exclusive taxes. If you're in Switzerland, 7.7% VAT* will be added at the checkout page. Outside of Switzerland will be no tax added.

    *(Mehrwertsteuer, Taxe sur la valeur ajoutée, Imposta sul valore aggiunto).
  • Do I have to pay Taxes?

    It depends where you located. No, if you are outside of Switzerland. Yes, when you're in Switzerland, 7.7% VAT* will be added at the checkout page.

    *(Mehrwertsteuer, Taxe sur la valeur ajoutée, Imposta sul valore aggiunto).

  • After Buying:

    When I receive my Order?

    Directly after the payment is processed, you will receive Purchase Receipt via email. On the Receipt are the Download Links plus Invoices. In case of delay, have a look at your spam folder. Please contact us, if your order is not received in one hour.

    Or log in at your account in the shop:
  • My Download Link is expired, can you help?

    Download Links on Purchase Receipt can be used maximum ten times. Please contact us we are glad to resend you a new Purchase Receipt with new Download Links.
  • Why does the Download Link not work?

    Please try the links in another browser. Rarely depending on the browser-setting, links can get blocked by browsers.
  • How can I Upgrade my Licence?

    This is common: your project expands, and you need a bigger Licence than purchased. You can upgrade your Licence at any moment.

    You can upgrade from:
    - single font weight(s) to full family (e.g. Cádiz Light to Cádiz Family)
    - Desktop; your current amount of computers to an increased amount of computers
    - Web; your current number of monthly page views to an increased number of page views

    We charge only the extra cost (the new Licences - your purchased Licences = the upgrade price). Please contact us for more information.

    Following does NOT qualify as an upgrade:
    - from Web-Licence to Desktop- or App-Licence
    - from one font weight to add different weight
    - from one font family to another family (e.g. Messina Sans to Messina Sans Mono)
  • Can you send me an Invoice?

    After purchasing, you receive a Purchase Receipt via email. On the receipt is a link to download invoices.

    Or log in at your account in the shop: Feel free to contact us, in case you need further information on your invoice.
  • Do you update your Fonts?

    Yes, fonts are updated now and then. If you like to receive an update, feel free to send us a mail. We are glad to send you an updated version for free.

    In case you bought a complete family, and we added more font weights you can upgrade for the extra cost.
  • Do you refund?

    All font purchases are final. Unfortunately can Fonts not be returned, so we cannot refund.
  • What is your VAT Number (MWST)?

    Our Swiss VAT registry number (for value-added tax in Switzerland) is CHE-196.638.500 MWST. Please note, only sales inside of Switzerland do include 7.9% MWST (VAT).
  • I bought the wrong Font, do you exchange?

    It depends, if you already downloaded the font, it cannot be exchanged. A purchase is final when a font is downloaded with the link from the purchase receipt.

  • Lost Files & Account:

    I have lost my font-files, what should I do?

    When purchasing we automatically create an account for you. So please log in to your account:

    In your account, you can download your purchased font-files directly.
  • I have lost my Purchase Receipt, what should I do?

    When purchasing we automatically create an account for you. Please log in with this Link.

    Your Email address is the Username. For first use you have to set a new Password. If you lost your Password, there is a simple reset function.
  • What can I do with my account?

    Your account gives you direct access to your purchases and invoices. Further, can you change your contact information.
  • What is my Account Username?

    The Username is always the Email Address you used for the purchase.
  • How can I set a new Account Password?

    You can set a new Password; or reset your Password if you lost it. Please use this Link.

    Please use your Email Address which you used for purchasing. Afterwards, you will receive a link to create a new Password via email.
  • Do I need an Account for buying at the shop?

    No, when purchasing we automatically create an account for you. You can set a password afterwards with this Link.

    If you are a returning customer, please log in first with this Link.

  • Technical Problems:

    Can you help, I have a technical Problem?

    If you experience a problem please make first a restart of your computer and printer.

    We are glad to hear from you, send us a mail with as much information as possible about the problem including operating system, type-management-tool, software and printers. What are you trying to achieve and how does the font fail to operate?

    As more information we have as faster can we resolve a problem.

  • Do your Fonts get Warranty?

    Yes, the warranty period is 60 days after the receiving of the goods. During that period we try everything possible to solve problems. We will refund the purchase price if this is insufficient for you. This only applies if it is a technical problem. For more details have a look at the EULA.

  • Spezia and Spezia Serif the Variable Fonts:

  • Which option does include a Variable Font?

    A Variable Font can display multiple weights in one Font. So every Sub-Family of Spezia and Spezia Serif does include a Variable Font Version.
    When purchasing Spezia Complete or Spezia Serif Complete, you receive a Variable Font.

    This is a list of all available Variable Fonts, here a list for Spezia:
    - Spezia Complete Upright
    - Spezia Complete Italic
    - Spezia Condensed Upright
    - Spezia Condensed Italic
    - Spezia Narrow Upright
    - Spezia Narrow Italic
    - Spezia Normal Upright
    - Spezia Normal Italic
    - Spezia Wide Upright
    - Spezia Wide Italic
    - Spezia Extended Upright
    - Spezia Extended Italic
    - Spezia Monospace Complete
    - Spezia Monospace Mono
    - Spezia Monospace SemiMono

    This a list for all available Variable Fonts of Spezia Serif:
    - Spezia Serif Complete Upright
    - Spezia Serif Complete Italic
    - Spezia Serif Normal Upright
    - Spezia Serif Normal Italic
    - Spezia Serif Narrow Upright
    - Spezia Serif Narrow Italic
    - Spezia Serif Condensed Upright
    - Spezia Serif Condensed Italic
  • Which option does NOT include a Variable Font?

    All single font weights come with no Variable Font Version.
  • Why is the Variable Font splitter in two files?

    Variable Fonts are split in two separate font-files: Upright and Italic. This is due to achieve the best interpolation result.
  • Do my operating systems support Variable Fonts?

    Currently Variable Fonts are supported by: OSX 10.5+ / iOS 3.2+ / Windows 10+ / Android 5+.
  • How to install a Variable Font?

    A Variable Font is not a new font-format. It is an extension of the OpenType Format (TrueType flavour, TTF) so you can install it like every typeface at your computer. Please see: → How to install fonts on my computer?
  • Do Variable Fonts work in my Design Application?

    At the moment Variable Fonts are supported by Adobe InDesign 2020, Illustrator CC 2019 and Photoshop CC 2019. Every font comes with a Standard Version in single font weights (as Desktop-, Web- or App-Font). This ensures the compatibility in all possible uses.
  • How can I use the Variable Fonts in InDesing?

    InDesign 2020 supports Variable Font, unfortunately the support is not perfect. Because of this we have made an extra version for InDesign 2020.
  • How to use Variable Web-Fonts on a website?

    We provide a sample Html File which shows our recommendations (also included in the trials). Mozilla provides an excellent overview of the technical possibilities. Have a look at their Variable Fonts guide.
  • Will you update the Variable Font?

    Yes, since it is a new technique, we may have to update the fonts from time to time. We are keen to see our Variable Font running smoothly in all major design applications especially in Adobe Applications.
  • Can you export single font weights for me?

    You have found the perfect setting of width and weight for your project. Now you like to have this setting as a single font file. Unfortunately, we can not export single font weights since this would be too time consuming, sorry.
  • How much KB does have a Variable Font?

    This depends on the family, here a list for Spezia:
    - Spezia Complete Upright: 97 KB
    - Spezia Complete Italic: 130 KB
    - Spezia Condensed Upright: 48 KB
    - Spezia Condensed Italic: 52 KB
    - Spezia Narrow Upright: 47 KB
    - Spezia Narrow Italic: 51 KB
    - Spezia Normal Upright: 47 KB
    - Spezia Normal Italic: 50 KB
    - Spezia Wide Upright: 48 KB
    - Spezia Wide Italic: 50 KB
    - Spezia Extended Upright: 48 KB
    - Spezia Extended Italic: 51 KB
    - Spezia Monospace Complete: 79 KB
    - Spezia Monospace Mono: 48 KB
    - Spezia Monospace SemiMono: 53 KB

    This a list for Spezia Serif:
    - Spezia Serif Complete Upright: 172 KB
    - Spezia Serif Complete Italic: 153 KB
    - Spezia Serif Normal Upright: 91 KB
    - Spezia Serif Normal Italic: 100 KB
    - Spezia Serif Narrow Upright: 92 KB
    - Spezia Serif Narrow Italic: 101 KB
    - Spezia Serif Condensed Upright: 88 KB
    - Spezia Serif Condensed Italic: 98 KB

  • Customising:

    Can I modify a Font?

    You can convert fonts into paths or pixels and create outline artworks, e.g. in Adobe Illustrator. Modify and or converting the font-file itself (e.g. the OTF) in any way is not allowed.

  • Can you modify a Font for us?

    We can provide modification and personalisation of fonts, depending on the case. Please note customising fonts can be a detail-rich task which needs quite a bit of time and work. Since we are a small studio, long-term scheduling is crucial. Let’s discuss, feel free to send us a request.

  • Do you design Custom Fonts?

    Yes, we design custom typefaces depending on the case. Feel free to contact us with an overview of the task along with the timetable. Please keep in mind that type design is a long process – good planning crucial.
  • How much time you need to design a Custom Font?

    This depends on the case and the scope of the project. Let put it this way; designing fonts is a detail-rich task which needs quite a bit of time and work. Since we are a small studio, long-term scheduling is crucial.
  • Do you offer Design Consulting?

    Yes, we provide further in-depth typographic consulting for editorial and branding needs.

  • Student Questions:

    I am a Student, can you answer Questions?

    We try to answer all your questions. Sometimes it is difficult since we are busy designing fonts. Please keep the questions specific and brief. Probably it is more purposeful for you and more fun for us.
  • Can I use Trial Fonts for Student Projects?

    Yes, feel free to use all our trial fonts for student projects. Please note that Trial-Fonts cannot be used for any commercial or public project. This includes also displaying work publicly for example on your portfolio websites. If you like to use the font in public, you can buy our Student-Licence (see next tab).
  • Do you have Student Licences?

    Yes, we support student projects with a 50% discount. This Education-Licence can be used in public projects (such as exhibitions, year book’s etc.). The font cannot be used for commercial purpose.

    If you want to use the fonts outside of the education context or in commercial projects, you can upgrade to a Standard Licence at any time, (for the extra cost). Feel free to send us a mail.
  • Do you give free Full Versions to Students?

    No, we do not provide free full versions for student projects. To be fair towards everyone, we cannot make any exceptions to this rule.

    If you are a student, you can purchase an Education-Licence. Or also an option is using our trial fonts in your course. Please note that Trial-Fonts cannot be used for any commercial or public project. This includes also displaying work publicly for example on your portfolio websites.

  • Other Questions:

    Can you speak another Language?

    Yes, besides English can answer enquiries in German and Spanish.
  • Which Font does your Website use?

    We use Spezia Normal on our website. The (g-like) lowercase-y is an alternate Glyph and can be used via OpenType Feature Stylistic-Set-1.
  • Do you have a Newsletter?

    Yes, we have a Newsletter, you can subscribe here.
  • How can I contact you?

    Best you send a mail at, emails are responded from Monday to Friday within 24 hours.
  • Data privacy is crucial for me. How about Luzi Type?

    Luzi Type does take data privacy seriously. Because of this, we collect only information necessary for running our service. You have the right to access the personal information we hold about you. Further can you ask us that we change your personal information, or completely delete your information (when no contractual association remains).

    We are NOT using services on our website such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Bing or Digital Advertising Alliance’s. For more information, see our Privacy Terms.

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Luzi Type;
Luzi Gantenbein,
Rathausgasse 27,
3011 Bern,
VAT Number: CHE-196.638.500 MWST


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