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Luzi Type is a Swiss type design studio with an innovative catalogue of high quality typefaces. Its approach combines the historic context of type with modernist affinity to clearness and reduction.

The Designer

Luzi Gantenbein is a type and graphic designer. He grew up in the Swiss alps and then early moved on to Bern for an apprenticeship as a graphic designer and a degree in Visual Communication at the Bern University of Arts.

He gained further experience at Base Design in Santiago de Chile, at the architecture and design magazine Hochparterre, at Raffinerie in Zurich, and as well at Dalton Maag. He is always interested in new projects and answers inquiries in English, Deutsch and Español.

Feel free to send an email, if you have any questions or just want to say hello!

End user license agreement

This agreement defines the trusting business relationship between customers and Luzi Type. You can download the EULA here.

Trial versions

Trial versions are made for testing. If you want to use the font in any way, except testing in your office, atelier or university, you have to buy a full version. Trials contains the glyps: A to z, zero to nine, comma and period.

Custom services

Luzi Type designs custom and personalized fonts. The foundry provides further in-depth typographic consulting for editorial and branding needs.

Further licensing options

Luzi Type offers on request license for: broadcasting, classroom-licenses and corporate-licenses (full buy-out). Feel free to send me a request via mail.

Desktop Fonts

Luzi Type fonts are delivered in OpenType format and include OpenType features. The character set covering the Latin 1 – 9 standart (ISO 8859-1). For more details see the Specimen-PDF.

Web Fonts

Webfonts are distributed in: WOFF, WOFF2 and ETO format and include OpenType features. Browser support: Chrome 5+, Safari 5.1+, Firefox 3.6+, IE 6+, Opera 10.1+, iOS Safari 5.1+ and Android Browser 4.5+.

App Fonts

Fonts for apps and e-books are delivered in OpenType format and include OpenType features. If you need other formats feel free to send me a mail.

Address and contact

Luzi Type; Luzi Gantenbein,
Ausserdorf 38,
7306 Fläsch Switzerland
Skype Luzi.Ganto
Instagram luzi.type


Luzi Type offers two methods for payments: Credit Cards and Paypal. By default credit-card payments are handled with Stipe. By selecting Paypal you can use your Paypal-acount or credit cards. Paypal also offers the use of debit card via (SEPA). The webshop is ssl encrypted and all payments are processed only and directly on the secure servers of Paypal or Stripe.

Warranty and liability

The warranty period is 90 days after the receipt of the goods. During that period Luzi Type will try everything possible to solve problems. If this is insufficient for the license owner will Luzi Type refund the purchase price and the right of use for license owner will expire. Refunds only will be permitted if it is a technical problem. Luzi Type is not liable for any direct or indirect damages or consequential damages. This license agreement is subject to the law of Switzerland

Privacy Policy

Luzi Type does not collect personal information on this site unless you choose to give it to Luzi Type. The one place on the site where you can choose to give us personal information is by purchasing a typeface license. Luzi Type guarantee to not disclose information to a third party.


All rights reserved. All material on this website remains the intellectual property of Luzi Type, unless otherwise stated. Luzi Type does not accept liability for linked sites and their content.