Monthly page views

The cost of a Web‑Licence is calculated with the amount of monthly page views. Here is what you need to know.

What is a monthly page view?

A single page view refers to each instance when a page on your website is displayed. This includes every instance a page is loaded, by anyone. The monthly page views add up all these individual page loads over the course of one month. You don’t have to keep track of specific users; you only need to count how many times any page is loaded on your server.

In my shop, you have the flexibility to select the desired number of page views, starting from a minimum of 20k. The abbreviation ‘k’ signifies (kilo) thousand, while ‘m’ represents million. For instance, 60k is equivalent to 60 000, and 2m corresponds to 2 000 000.

How to measure the page views?

The easiest way to determine the number of monthly page views is by analyzing the data recorded in your server access log. By default, your server keeps a record of every request made to it. Hence, monthly page views provide insights into web traffic.

Most hosting providers grant access to this information through their control panel. The control panel serves as a gateway to your server’s administration.

Alternatively, you can utilize a tracking script on your website. The most commonly used one is Google Analytics. However, there are other excellent options available that prioritize user privacy, such as Matomo.

An Example of a control panel’s metrics area where you should find the monthly page views. This may differ from your panel; look for menu points like Awstats, Analytics or Web Traffic.

What if my number of page views exceeds the limit stated on my invoice?

If your number of page views exceeds the limit specified on your invoice, you will need to upgrade your Web Licence. We will only charge you the additional cost to accommodate the increased page view level. Please contact us for further assistance.

In the event that you launch a new website, you can initially purchase the minimum amount of page views and monitor the usage from there. As long as your monthly page views remain within the purchased limit, you are good to go.

What about Privacy and Data Protection Regulations?

There are various national and international privacy laws in place, with the GDPR of the European Union being one of the most well-known examples.

When it comes to using my Web Fonts, you don’t have to worry about any additional privacy compliance factors. Once you purchase a Web Licence for your web traffic, you simply place the Web Font on your server and link it to your website from there. The Web Font files themselves do not have the ability to send any data back to us.

Since you can monitor web traffic, including the number of page views, using the server access log, there is no need for any additional techniques or methods. This makes self-hosting fonts on your own server an ideal choice for ensuring privacy compliance.

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