Typeface Valpo Luzi Type Foundry

The Cloud Shift

Thoughts on the creative industry’s shift to the cloud, subscription models, and market consolidation, including a chat with Kris Sowersby.

Typeface Valpo Luzi Type Foundry

From Pen to Vector

A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the Albaro typeface.

Tag der Schift Zürich Luzi Type Foundry

Day of Typography

I will give a presentation about my type design practice on the 6th of April 2024 at the → Tag der Schrift in Zurich.

Ther new test fonts Luzi Type Foundry

Enhancing Test Fonts for Designers and Students

I have rethought our test fonts, considerably expanding the character set to cater to the needs of both designers and students.

Video Trailers Type in Motion Luzi Type Foundry

Type in motion

Our entire collection of typeface trailers

Typeface Valpo Luzi Type Foundry

Bold Strokes

The Valpo Typeface at the junction of Calligraphy and Typography

Typographic Souvenir Genova Luzi Type Foundry

Typographic Souvenirs №4

My latest typographic discoveries, this time from Liguria, Italy.

10th anniversary Bark Luzi Type

Comprehensive World Map

A world map showcases how Spezia and Spezia Serif can creatively stretch typographic possibilities.

10th anniversary Bark Luzi Type

Start somewhere

Luzi Type celebrates its 10th anniversary: A retrospective journey.

Latin Complete Luzi Type

More Languages

The new Latin Complete language support makes my typefaces even more flexible and inclusive.

Pentagram NY and Luzi Type

The Art of fine Dining

Designing delicious experiences; Pentagram crafts brand identity for the 53 Asian Restaurant.

Aritst Markus Raetz Luzi Type

Raetz’s sculptural work

Discover the captivating world of Markus Raetz: an enchanting catalogue raisonné.

Jared Bark Luzi Type

Book of Stacks, Stacks of Books

A beautiful art book about the artist Jared Bark and his book towers, set in Beirut Display.

Luzi Type Type Anatomy

What is where?

My take on the type anatomy cheat sheet.

Bestform Luzi Type Foundry

Typographic Souvenirs №3

Some typographic discoveries from my last visit in Buenos Aires, Valparaíso and Santiago de Chile.

Bestform Luzi Type Foundry


I am honoured to receive this year the Newcomer Bernese Design Award.

Amsterdam Museum Luzi Type Foundry

Amsterdam Museum

Isabelle Vaverka and Hamid Sallali designed the new visual identity of the Amsterdam Museum using Messina Serif.

Isola Font Luzi Type Foundry

Monthly page views

The cost of a Web‑Licence is calculated with the amount of monthly page views. Here is what you need to know.

Isola Font Luzi Type Foundry

Clearing the font cache

When there is a problem with a typeface, it’s time to clear the font cache; here is how.

Isola Font Luzi Type Foundry

The Birth of Isola

The design process of Isola; a careful remake of Venus Grotesk.

Floating Office Rotterdam Luzi Type Foundry

Floating Office Rotterdam

George&Harrison did design a beautiful architecture book using Lynstone.

Licence Agreements Luzi Type Foundry

The new Licence Agreement

Luzi‑Type’s new licence agreements makes using fonts more simple.

Webfonts Luzi Type Foundry

The new website

A glimpse in to the redesign of Luzi‑Type.ch

Easee Luzi Type Foundry


Easee, the green-tech company uses Buenos Aires in a fine way for there minimalist visual identity.

Hackney Forest School Luzi Type Foundry

Hackney Forest School

The London based Spy Studio designed the visual identity of the Hackney Forest School.

Montréal 360 Luzi Type Foundry

Montréal 360

Studiomiles designed this beautiful 192‑page historical book.

American Illustrators Gallery Luzi Type Foundry

American Illustrators Gallery

The design duo Look Here Design crafted the internet appearance of the American Illustrators Gallery. → see post

9v9 Luzi Type Foundry


The Bernese fashion label 9veces9 uses Spezia in a subtle way.

Recife Typeface and Valizas Typeface Luzi Type Foundry

The inside

A summary of the design process of Recife and its cousin Valizas.

Bernese Design Festival Luzi Type Foundry

Let’s have a look at letters!

I will give a talk at 6th of May 2022 at the Bernese Design Festival. The talk starts at 19 o’clock in the auditorium at Schule für Gestaltung Bern.

Street Typography Luzi Type Foundry

Typographic Souvenirs №2

Some typographic discoveries from Apulian city Leece.

9v9 Luzi Type Foundry

Knit variable!

I teamed up with 9v9 to create an online tool. With the 9v9 editor you can use the Spezia variable font and design a neat scarf. Check it out at → editor.9v9.ch

Portonovo Typeface Luzi Type Foundry

Labore et constantia

The book and the printer; an insight into the design process of the typeface Portonovo.

Spaces of fonts Luzi Type Foundry

Let’s talk about space

I often get ask about horizontal and vertical spaces of fonts. Here is a short overview on; spacing, kerning, tracking and line-height. 

Licence Agreements Luzi Type Foundry

All about Licencing

A Licence gives you a specific right to use a typeface. It defines how and on which medium a font can be used. These rules are defined in the End User Licence Agreement.

Licence Agreements Luzi Type Foundry

Web typography

This article covers a brief introduction in to web typography and different thoughts on variable web fonts.

Yport Typeface Luzi Type Foundry

Calligraphic Grotesque Fusions

An overview of the design process of Yport; the grotesque typeface with calligraphic expression.

Typedesign Luzi Type Foundry

Shapes and Perception

Type can transport more than its written content, objects as well.

variable font Spezia and Spezia Serif Luzi Type Foundry

Type: A Design Space

Summary of the design process of Spezia and Spezia Serif

Optical sizes Luzi Type Foundry

Every size its design

A short introduction into optical sizes and its history.

Specimen books Luzi Type Foundry

The past and future

An important source of inspiration are my old specimen books. These publications were made by the font publishers for print shops to decide which fonts to order and to use in their work.

Street Typography Luzi Type Foundry

Typographic Souvenirs №1

Some typographic discoveries from Montevideo, Valparaíso, Limache and Santiago de Chile.

Combining Typefaces Luzi Type Foundry

Combining Typefaces

Pairing fonts can be a solid base for graphic design systems. The possibilities are sheer endless, here are some ideas.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Luzi Type Foundry

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The new website of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) uses Messina Sans.

Mayawell Luzi Type Foundry


Mayawell, the bubbly prebiotic soda from Texas uses Faro in a fun and expressive way.

Un herbier de Montréal Luzi Type Foundry

Un herbier de Montréal

The Montreal based studio Nouvelle Administration designed this beautiful publication.

Mr.Bee Luzi Type Foundry


The designer Diano Kitanovski based in Ljubljana created the visual identity of the honey company Mr.Bee using the typeface Koper.

MJ2B Luzi Type Foundry


The Bern based design studio Atelier Pol designed the corporate identity of the architects MJ2B.

Mr.Bee Luzi Type Foundry

Holzbau Küng

Amrhein Anderhalden, the office for Design and conception, did design the new identity of Küng Holzbau using the typeface Cádiz

Luzi Type World Map