Luzi Type is a Swiss type design studio with an innovative catalogue of sophisticated fonts. Our approach combines the historical context of type with modernist affinity to clearness and reduction.

Luzi Type Studio Bern

About the Studio

Established in 2013 by designer Luzi Gantenbein, Luzi Type is a distinguished studio based in Bern, Switzerland.

Growing up in the Swiss Alps, Luzi Gantenbein completed his education in Visual Communication at the Bern University of Arts. His professional journey encompassed design positions in various cities, including London, Santiago de Chile, and Zurich.

Throughout the years, the studio meticulously crafted a distinctive collection of unique typefaces, offered in both standard and variable font formats. With a focus on typographic consulting, Luzi Type serves a global clientele, catering to diverse typographic inquiries.

Luzi Type Studio Bern

Address and Contact

Luzi Type;
Luzi Gantenbein,
Brunngasse 2,
3011 Bern,

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VAT Number: CHE-196.638.500 MWST


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Privacy Policy

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