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Vietnamese Postage Stamps from 1984, uses typical caracters like: Ệ, Ư and Ử

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The new Latin Complete language support makes my typefaces even more flexible and inclusive.

All Luzi Type fonts come with a wide character set covering over 100 languages, the so-called Latin 100+ standard.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch at my friend’s Vietnamese restaurant. As I browsed the menu, I was captivated by the diverse and intriguing accents present in the Vietnamese language. It became apparent that my Latin 100+ standard lacked support for Vietnamese. This eye-opening experience motivated me to extend my character set even further.

I am pleased to introduce the new Latin Complete standard, which now includes the Vietnamese language. It is flexible enough to be used in most languages in the Americas, Europe, and Australia, as well as many African languages like Yoruba, Swahili, and Hausa. It can even be utilised in some Asian languages like Chinese Pinyin, Thai (Latin), and Khmer (Latin).

With Latin Complete, I aim to cater to a wider audience and address the unique typography requirements of various languages, making my typefaces even more adaptable. Among the expanding array of fonts with the Latin Complete support, you can find: Messina Sans, Messina Serif, Messina Modern, Spezia, and Spezia Serif.

If you already have a license for the mentioned typefaces, you can update your fonts for free. Simply redownload the fonts from your Email Purchases receipt or via your account.

Search the Latin Complete standard (language-specific characters are highlighted in green):

Luzi Type Language Support

Sole or main latin script
Latin co-exists with other scripts
Latin-script alphabets are used in white areas via unofficial second languages, like French in Algeria and English in Egypt, and for Latin transliteration of the official script, such as pinyin in China.

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